Which Type Of Salt Is The Healthiest?

Which Type Of Salt Is The Healthiest?

Has anyone ever told you that you should switch to sea salt or Himalayan salt? Or has anyone ever told you kosher salt is better for you than table salt?

As both a cook and a kidney doctor, I understand the importance of salt in all aspects of life. Whether I am using it to season a dish or advising my patients to cut back on salt so they can better manage their blood pressure, salt and its use are always in my thoughts. In fact, one of the best ways to manage high blood pressure and minimize stroke risk is to eat a lower sodium diet. Despite that, I still own a salt shaker and believe it can be used to create a deliciously healthy low sodium dish. You just need to know the best ways to use it.

Watch to find out what I think about the different kinds of salts, and see if you can figure out my bottom line (hint – it’s pretty obvious if you watch my video). You’ll never guess what I think about the Himalayan pink salt.

What do you think and what kind of salt do you like to use?



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