What I Eat For Lunch In A Week

What I Eat For Lunch In A Week

Ever wonder what Dr. Blake, AKA The Cooking Doc, eats in a week? Probably not, but I’m going to show you anyway.

This was so much fun to do! I think I even got photobombed by Jake Gyllenhaal?!?

I’m a busy doctor with multiple offices. Some days I’m in Easley, SC (a small rural South Carolina town), other days I’m in downtown Greenville, SC (a bigger town), and some days I’m sequestered at the hospital all day. Because I have so many different places to go, I have to get creative and thoughtful about finding something to eat healthy for lunch each day. And, so do you.

Without preparation and thought, you may find yourself scarfing down fast food or skipping lunch and then munching on bagged chips and cookies for the rest of the afternoon. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

How do I do it?

Here are some key tips:

1. Plan in advance. Sometimes this means preparing lunch ahead of time at home. Other times it means having a plan for where you will go to lunch the next day.

2. Know which restaurants have healthy options. Go there. Skip the other ones.

3. Drink only water or unsweetened iced tea for lunch.

4. Skip the 11 AM and 2 PM snacks.

How did I do this in a typical week? Watch to find out….


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