What Happens If You Switch From Sodium Chloride (Salt) To Potassium Chloride?

What Happens If You Switch From Sodium Chloride (Salt) To Potassium Chloride?

** DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home without talking to your doctor, especially if you have Stage 4 or 5 Chronic Kidney Disease **

I don’t normally talk a lot about studies on my channel, but I do think it is very important sometimes for you to understand what researchers are doing and the background that comes from your doctor giving you health advice.

So today I am going to talk about a great study that came out of rural China that focused on people who were at high risk for Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and stroke. They took 25% of their participants salt intake and replaced it with potassium chloride and then followed them for five years.

The results were fascinating!


* If you have kidney disease you have to be very careful how much potassium you can have. So make sure to talk to your doctor about using a salt substitute.

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