Salsa and Chips

Salsa and Chips

I went out to lunch yesterday and, before my backside hit the chair, a kind server placed this irresistible plate of homemade chips and salsa directly in front of me.

I was alone.
I was hungry.
I was desperate.
I ate the whole thing.

Sound familiar?

Chips and salsa, fresh breadbaskets or the cracker packets sitting in the middle of your table when you sit down can easily transform a healthy meal into an unhealthy one.

And, if you add in a pre-meal drink, you can end up eating hundreds of calories before you have even ordered your meal.

Here are some tricks to help you avoid these pre-meal hazards.

  • The Obvious: ask your server to skip the breadbasket or plate of chips.


  • If skipping the chips is not an option, ask your server to find the smallest plate in the kitchen and top it with a few chips or one piece of bread.  This will ensure a much healthier portion size.


  • Before you sit down, ask the host to tell your waiter that they are not to bring you any chips or bread. Once it lands in your field of view, the chance you will eat too much increases to 99.9%.
  • DO NOT let anyone bring you seconds.


  • If the plate of goodies comes before you can refuse it, take a small piece of bread or a few chips, put them on a plate in front of you, and ask the server to take the rest away.


  • If you are eating with a group, store these goodies on the other-side of the table.


If none of these tips works for you, consider these less traditional guidelines:

  • If you are dining with friends, let others dig into the chips first. Then, imagine that your friends have the most contagious stomach virus or cold in the world, and are spreading their germs all over the chips with each grab. Unless you like being sick, this is guaranteed to keep you from digging in.


  • Eat a healthy meal before you go out to the restaurant. You may not order anything, and will probably anger the server and the restaurant staff, but it will keep you from ruining your diet on the pre-meal goodies



  • Customize a hat like this to wear before you walk into a Mexican restaurant. Not only will it start an interesting conversation, but it will keep you from blowing your diet on chips and salsa.


Do you have other suggestions? Let me know so I can share.

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