Meet the Fennel

Meet the Fennel

This week’s recipe is a take on Gazpacho.

In early July, a gazpacho recipe flashed across my twitter feed and for the next three days, my taste buds clamored for its garlicky, refreshing flavor. I was desperate for gazpacho, but, unfortunately, without tomatoes. My sad tomato garden produced only two edible tomatoes all summer. Undeterred, I dug in my fridge and searched for a replacement.

Hiding under some wilting lettuce, I found a fennel bulb. Though fennel does not appear in any gazpacho recipe I have ever seen, I thought it might add a fresh, clean flavor to the other traditional gazpacho ingredients.

And boy does it. This is gazpacho as you’ve never had it before. The flavor is crisp and textured, and the recipe is simple and easy.

This recipe also highlights some of the keys to developing a healthy eating lifestyle.

1. Stock your fridge and pantry with fresh ingredients so you have healthy options when trying to create a meal for you and your family.
2. Go out on a limb and try new ingredients (like fennel) so you do not get bored with your broccoli and chicken.
3. Learn a few easy cooking techniques (like this one– throwing a bunch of ingredients in a blender).
4. Be willing to crack open a can of tuna when your attempt at creating a delicious and healthy dinner fails miserably. This recipe luckily didn’t require that, but it’s always important to remember.

Fennel Gazpacho.

Watch. Cook. Eat. Enjoy. Share.




(If you are on dialysis or eating a low potassium diet, don’t be fooled by this recipe. Even though it does not have tomatoes, it is still a higher potassium recipe because of the fennel and the almonds).

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