Healthy Foods To Fill You Up

Healthy Foods To Fill You Up

Ever had that hungry feeling where you are looking for a filling food but you don’t want to choose something that isn’t healthy? That is a huge pitfall when trying to maintain healthy habits. Once you get hungry, it’s easy to choose unhealthy foods. Or, if you choose something healthy, then you are hungry 30 minutes later and find yourself in the exact same situation.

In this video, I share healthy foods that will fill you up!

1. Spoonful of unsweetened nut butter or seed butter (peanut butter, sunflower butter, almond butter) with slices of banana (or apple for low potassium), and a few chocolate chips if you’re eating dessert.

2. Avocado (high potassium) – I like them cubed with lemon, spread on whole grain toast, or hollowed out and stuffed with hummus or goat cheese.

3. Pumpkin seeds or pepitas

4. Smoothies – Greek yogurt, milk, frozen berries, flax seeds

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