First blog post!!!

Fizzy Drinks

First blog post!!!

Woohoo. You made it. Welcome to post #1.

Since this is my first blog post, I decided to start with the first dietary change that I recommend to my patients: Cutting out the sugary drinks.

Although it might be obvious to some of you, sugary drinks can prove hazardous to your health, affecting everything from your diabetes, your blood pressure, your weight, your kidneys and even just how you feel in the hours after you drink them.

This applies not just to soda (or pop) but also to juice (including that cranberry juice your aunt told you to drink to help your kidneys), sweet tea (a staple of my town) and sweetened coffee drinks.

Because these sweetened drinks bombard you at every gas station, restaurant and grocery store and on every thirst quenching TV commercial, many people find creating this change very difficult. I know that. Nevertheless, it is an important first step and one that packs in a lot of positive health impact.

Our newest video is a low sugar soda substitute. A refreshing, easy drink to help you wean off your soda habit. It is one of my wife’s favorites.

Watch. Cook. Eat. Share. Enjoy.

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