My Tip For Eating Pizza!

My Tip For Eating Pizza!

Do you crave pizza? Do you wish you could have pizza every day but just know you shouldn’t? Join the club.

Traditional pizza is unhealthy because it has layer upon layer of high salt, high carbohydrate and high fat toppings. This is a recipe for an unhealthy meal. Especially when you eat multiple slices with a side of soda.

Take a look at each layer of pizza:
Crust: high salt and high carbohydrate
Sauce: high salt
Cheese: high salt, high fat
Toppings: unless you choose fresh vegetables, the toppings tend to be high sodium, high fat. The worst toppings are some of the most popular – bacon, sausage, ground beef, pepperoni.

Lucky for you, pizza can be made healthier. Watch this video of me going to one of my favorite pizza places and crafting a healthy(ish) fresh pizza. If you learn anything from my video, pay attention to this one piece of advice:

Double the Veggies and Half the Cheese
(And only eat two slices) (And, only eat pizza occasionally) (And make it at home when you can) (And use thin crust)


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